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Efficient and timely pre and post-implementation assistance is essential...

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Whilst your system is going through the pre-implementation, testing or user acceptance phases and, crucially, once the implementation has been completed, it is vital that you and your users feel they have a point of contact with whom they can effectively communicate in order to solve issues as and when they may arise.

It is a fact that any software system, however thoroughly tested prior to going 'live', may still be likely to exhibit an occasional issue. Maintaining, enhancing and upgrading the deployment is all part of the software development cycle. How promptly and effectively issues are dealt with is obviously of major importance to the smooth running of your business. You need to be certaim that the appropriate assistance is near at hand. Below is a brief overview of how we go about this process, should the need arise.

How we support your solution...

NETXtensive directly supports ALL of our system deployments. As part of our quotation you will note that support service costs are outlined up-front. As a standard, we offer normal business hours hotline telephone support with initial response guaranteed within 8 business hours maximum although in most cases this response will be immediate.

Naturally, we will endeavour to fix any issue in the shortest possible time, maybe even over the telephone, but in any case we strive to achieve and implement the solution within 24 business hours maximum.

...with the following services...

  • Telephone hotline support
  • On-site visits
  • Remote support via secured internet access
  • Database log maintenence
  • Automated error log monitoring
  • Minor enhancements/improvements

It's likely of course that your particular situation may require perhaps just one or two of these example services; our support packages are designed to meet your needs precisely, as are our solutions!

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Contact NETXtensive LTD

We invite you to check on our areas of expertise at right. If you are currently experiencing any support issues with systems designed using one, or a combination of these, we'd be happy to talk with you, on a no-obligation basis, with a view to seeing if we can be of any assistance to you. Please contact us.

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