Fully evaluated, cutting-edge software development tools...

an image of a person in front of an abstract representation of software solution components

There are so many possibilities in terms of software development technology today. It is no exaggeration to say that several versions of a particular tool or technology can be released in any one year!

It is incumbent on the developer therefore to focus on a core set of technologies which will give them the tools they need to cover their particular areas of specialisation and to evaluate precisely how they can best be applied.

This, obviously, is not a one-off process; rather an evolutionary (and sometimes revolutionary!) one which requires the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge and the almost constant supplementing of that knowledge through the vast amount of material available on these subjects. Additionally there is the need for a sound knowledge of infrastructure (networking, operating systems, software platforms etc.) so that the completed solution can be implemented and configured to run on these platforms as intended.

Our development environment...

Using the current generation of cutting-edge software tools from Microsoft and starting with MS Visual Studio 2008 as our core development environment, we fully exploit a key subset of that company's available technologies and toolsets to enable us to obtain maximum flexibility in how we develop the key components of your system. Look right to see the code languages and tools we use as part of our knowledge set.

There are of course other technologies, particularly for use in web development, which are not 'allied' to any one corporation but are available as a result of a drive towards 'open' standards, which can integrate well with the core development environment to provide functionality for a particular job. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a classic example of this. Designed to transport data in a non-proprietry manner it is a true example of a cross-platform, open-standards based protocol.

Why Microsoft tools in particular..?

Quite simply, having evaluated several options over the years, we're very happy with the tools! They help us to maximise our productivity, which ultimately helps reduce costs. Also there is an enormous community of peers and third-part component developers to share information and knowledge with.

There is a great deal of available expertise and resource behind these tools and technologies. Excellent support for the development team and by extension, you the client, is always available. Quite apart from the fact that the massive installed base across the globe means that continual investment from third parties is guaranteed.