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It's all about the right information...

Whatever the nature of the intended software project, it is essential that there is a total understanding of what is required between client and provider. This of course does not just apply to software development! However it is true that the nature of the development process requires that as much detailed information as possible is discovered before serious software design work can even begin.

A word of caution...

You may well be aware of that old software adage and acronym: GIGO; meaning Garbage In; Garbage Out! There is a good reason for this. It is obviously the case that a system conceived from information not gathered with the requisite attention to detail as described above will be difficult to maintain, will likely require constant updates to reach the actual requirement and will increase the posibility of downtime, frustration and ever-mounting costs.

So...what's the solution..?

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The way to approach this is by beginning at the end! i.e. what must the system produce? Which data must be presented to those that have to make decisions based upon it? Which data must be output to your customers, suppliers and others with whom you may do business? How, if at all, is the system required to interact with other data providers, be they your external partners, websites or payment gateways?

There are many more possibilities of course. The point is that determining these factors will go a very long way towards answering the question which leads us to the crucial bedrock of the design: i.e. what goes in? From there can be determined the required functionality the system nust exhibit. Data/information-driven design, therefore, is key.

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