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Custom Software Solutions Development

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It is most important for you to be able to entrust your investment in custom software solutions development to a company that not only demonstrates deep technical knowledge of software tools, methodology and their application, but also one that can gain a full understanding of your business processes as they apply to the application domain.

For your line-of-business applications, you don't need or want the 'bells & whistles', you need a solution built to the requirements of the business processes, with a clean, simple User Interface that allows your users to get their job done productively.

Internal or Web/Cloud-based?

The principles outlined in the previous paragraph apply of course to line-of-business applications in whichever domain they physically exist, whether your application is for internal company use only or is required to expose its functionality to a wider audience.

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It may be that you require a simple on-line presence; perhaps a web-based sales outlet, or a full-blown, data-intensive enterprise-class web solution that must be accessible from anywhere, whether purely by the general public and/or by a selection of your external partners and customers as part of a loosely-coupled, B2B solution.

Comprehensive business process analysis is key to the success of your project ....

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Whatever the intended platform, be it internal or web/cloud-based, then only by achieving an understanding via strong business process analysis can your project hope to succeed. We have long experience in this field; we know how to apply this knowledge to business systems design, ultimately delivering the most practical solution.

The rationale for custom business software solutions ....

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Off-the-shelf software packages address one or more business function in a generic manner, for example contact management. These packages naturally have their place within the average organisation. However for the majority of businesses, the core functions (those that describe the unique processes of any particular business) usually cannot be addressed via such generic packages; such core requirements are just too specialised.

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We can provide assistance with software prototyping, project management, business analysis for software system specification culminating in design and development. Additionally we provide systems implementation & ongoing support for all of our custom software deployments and maintain strong proactive contact with our clients once a system is operating in the live environment.

Contact NETXtensive LTD

If you have a requirement now, or may have in the near future, please contact us us for an initial discussion. We'd be very pleased to assist you in any way we can in developing your ideas and providing you with a first-class service and solution.

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Do you have a requirement now or in the near future? Please contact us; we'll be happy to discuss your project with you.

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